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Healthy Element
430 Carpenter Road SE Suite A
Lacy, WA 98503

Phone: 306-556-7247


Phone: 360-326-3065

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We provide quality, organically grown medicine to select dispensaries in Washington state.


What People are Saying

Actual top shelf products! Don’t waste your time with other places. I have tried all the other ones and this place is the best! Everything is so beautiful …The prices are a little high but the coupon helps out. The Oregon skunk is pretty good little bit of a creeper. Has a very smooth taste and a good body high. The White label is a heavy one lol I keep forgetting what I was going to say. :)You guys are AMAZING at what you do!!!!! By far the best in Vancouver. I cant wait to try everything.


TJ's Gardens has won multiple awards for quality and potency including 1st place in the High Times Cannabis Cup Seattle as well as being People's Choice and Judge's Choice at the Dope Cup Awards.

More About Our Company

Travis-James-JimMeet TJ’s Organic Gardens. We are Travis, Jim and James: friends and partners who have created something positive and beautiful from something undeniably negative. TJ’s Organic Gardens started as a labor of love for Travis’s wife, Cham. She had an accident that resulted in a brain injury and debilitating migraines. Her neurologist strongly suggested she try medical marijuana. Travis and Jim were longtime friends and started growing a few plants for her. Not only was the cannabis effective for Cham’s pain management and stopped most headaches before they became excruciating, after starting medication the frequency of the migraines was reduced by 90%.

Although we started growing a few plants in a bathroom, we quickly became motivated to help others and soon moved to a larger location to grow for more patients. We made a commitment from the start to grow organically. It made no sense to use medicine intended to benefit the body while introducing substances that had harmful pesticide or chemicals.

TJ’s really IS a labor of love and that key ingredient is evident in our flowers.

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